About Mauritius

No visa required for South African passport holders. If you intend to work in Mauritius, you must get a work permit before you travel.

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Passport validity
Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay. No additional period of validity beyond this is required. It should have at least one blank passport page. 

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MAURITIUS IMMIGRATION -arriving and departing
When disembarking ensure you have completed your green landing card and yellow health card which would’ve been handed to you by a cabin attendant. Citizens from EU countries, USA, Canada and India will also need proof of onward passage, an address and phone number of where they are staying and sufficient means to fund their stay. A credit card should be sufficient as evidence of finance.

The yellow health card asks questions as to whether you have a sore throat, fever etc and also places you have visited in the last six months. You will hand this form to a separate section once you clear immigration. If there is doubt regarding your health you may be quarantined for five days.

Punishments for drug smuggling can be severe. Trafficking and possession of any illegal drugs carry heavy sentences. Prosecutions take a year or more to come to court, with detention until the trial. Bail is not usually granted for drug-related crimes, regardless of the type of drug.

It is illegal to possess or import cigarette papers

You can bring common medicines for your own personal use but you must carry a copy of the prescription and the drugs must have been obtained legally from a pharmacy. Other drugs like tranquillisers hypnotics, narcotics and other strong pain killers will require prior authorisation. You can check details with the Mauritian Health Ministry.

If in any doubt, you should seek advice from the Mauritian High Commission. The police sometimes ask foreigners to show identification. You should carry a photocopy of your passport and your driving licence and leave the original documents in a safe place.

Mauritian locals speak French, Mauritian Creole, English, French-based Creole, and ethnic languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Urdu, Tamil or Mandarin.

The Mauritian Rupee is the currency of Mauritius. The most popular Mauritius Rupee exchange rate is the USD to MUR rate. The currency code for Rupees is MUR, and the currency symbol is ₨.

The South African rand is not accepted in Mauritius. Dollars and Euros are the preferred currency. Duty free goods are priced in Euro’s.

WEATHER - best time to visit Mauritius
Mauritius enjoys a relatively mild climate. Although temperatures are rather moderate throughout the year with occasional rainfall, the most pleasant times to visit the island are between the months of April and June and between September and December. As Mauritius is located in the southern hemisphere, the summer and winter months are opposite to seasons in Europe.

Nov-April - The weather is hot and humid during these months, with peaks in temperatures occurring in the months of December, January and February. Rainfall is abundant, especially on the central plateau. The highest rainfall normally occurs in the months of February and March.

The cyclonic season extends right the way through from November to April. Most of the time, the cyclones manage to avoid Mauritius because of the small size of the island. However, if they come close enough, the bad weather may affect vegetation and certain wooden buildings. Please rest assured that beach resorts have been constructed in such a way as to be able to resist strong cyclonic winds.

May to October - The temperature is cooler during this season, and prevailing winds tend to blow over the island from the east and south-east.

You can easily commute by taxi for some independent travel. All taxis have a yellow square box indicating their route on both sides of their car doors and a taxi sign on top. Taxis are available at the airport and at hotels. They can also be found at bus stations.

Car / Bicycle / Scooter Rental
Several companies and local tour operators offer car, bicycle and scooter rental services at reasonable prices. It is important to note that Mauritians drive on the left-hand side of the road. You can easily traverse the different parts of the island in a car or on a scooter.

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Helicopter Services
If you want to enjoy an aerial view of the island, why not opt for the helicopter services that are offered by Air Mauritius